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Wedding Checklist

12+ Months Before Wedding Day

❏ Create Wedding Budget

❏ Decide on Theme & Colors

 ❏ Decide on Wedding Date

 ❏ Start Venue Search

 ❏ Choose Wedding Party 

❏ Reserve Venue(s)

 ❏ Research & Book Officiant 

❏ Search Wedding Dresses

 ❏ Search Bridesmaids Dresses

❏ Book Photographer

 ❏ Book Videographer 

9-12 Months Before Wedding Day

 ❏ Hire Wedding Planner

 ❏ Start a Guest List

 ❏ Plan Decorations 

❏ Plan Food

 ❏ Schedule Engagement Photo Session

 ❏ Create a Weather “Plan B”

 ❏ Book Organist/Soloist, Band or DJ

 ❏ Choose Caterer

 ❏ Select Florist

 ❏ Go Cake Tasting

 ❏ Book Bakery

 ❏ Buy Wedding Dress

 ❏ Select Wedding Accessories

 ❏ Select Bridesmaid Dresses & Accessories 

❏ Research Wedding Invites/Paper Goods

 ❏ Begin Honeymoon Planning with Groom

 ❏ Check accommodation needs for guests

6-9 Months Before Wedding Day

❏ Order Save-The-Dates

❏ Send Save-The-Dates

❏ Revise Budget

❏ Book Wedding Night Hotel

❏ Order Men’s Attire

❏ Order Wedding Cake

❏ Make a Beauty Plan

❏ Make Beauty Appointments

❏ Coordinate Selection of Dresses for Mothers

❏ Coordinate Selection of Attire for Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

❏ Purchase Wedding Bands/Rings

❏ Schedule Fittings

❏ Register for Gifts

❏ Look at Invitation Designs

4-6 Months Before Wedding Day

❏ Meet with Officiant

❏ Renew Passports

❏ Finalize Ceremony and Reception Music

❏ Order Invitations

❏ Finalize Flower Arrangements with Florist

❏ Finalize Cakes with Bakery

❏ Select Drinks for Reception

❏ Make Required Deposits and Sign Contracts

❏ Order Accessories for Reception - pen, guests book, cake knife, garter, etc.

❏ Order Wedding Favors

3 Months Before Wedding Day

❏ Finalize Details for Ceremony

❏ Purchase Wedding Party Gifts

❏ Purchase Gifts for Parents

❏ Purchase Gifts for Groom

❏ Write Wedding Vows

❏ Check Requirements for Marriage License

❏ Discuss Rehearsal Dinner Plans with Groom

❏ Finalize Guest List

❏ Send out Wedding Invitations

❏ Finalize Details with All Vendors

2 Months Before Wedding Day

❏ Create Seating Plan and Name Cards

❏ Finalize Guest Accommodations

1 Month Before Wedding Day

❏ Obtain Marriage License

❏ Check on Invitation Responses 

❏ Continue Working on Seating Plan and Name Cards

❏ Finalize Ceremony Outline

❏ Create a Weekend Timeline

❏ Have Final Fittings

❏ Finish DIY Projects

❏ Meet with Photographer & Provide a List of Must Have Shots

❏ Finalize Your Wedding Vows

❏ Prepare Agenda Sheets for the Wedding Day to Photographer, DJ, Officiant, etc.

❏ Finalize All Rentals & Accessories

❏ Finalize Honeymoon Arrangements & Reservations

❏ Confirm Details with Wedding Party

❏ Confirm Payments with Vendors

2 Weeks Before Wedding Day

❏ Finalize Seating Chart & Name Cards

❏ Pick Up Gown & Bridesmaids Dresses

❏ Confirm All Travel/Transport Arrangements

❏ Call Guests Who Have Not Replied

1 Week Before Wedding Day

❏ Pack for Honeymoon

❏ Reconfirm Arrangement with Vendors

❏ Collect Wedding Gown, Bridesmaid, Flower Girl, Ring Bearer, Men’s Attire and accessories

❏ Give Final Guest Numbers to Venue & Caterer

❏ Have Facials, Skin Treatments, Waxing Completed

1-2 Days Before Your Wedding Day

❏ Attend Rehearsal & Rehearsal Dinner

❏ Review Any Special Seating Arrangements with Ushers

❏ Make Sure Groom & Groomsmen Pick Up Attire

❏ Make Sure Marriage License is in Hand

❏ Check All Final Details with Caterer, Florist, Musicians, etc.

❏ Have Manicure and Pedicure

❏ Arrange for Your Planner to Receive an Envelope of Tips and Fees for Distribution to Vendors

The Night Before Your Wedding Day

❏ Get lots of sleep! Tomorrow will be the biggest day of your life. You get to marry your best

friend! You will want to look and feel your very best, so close your eyes and relax! We’ve got

this handled!

Your Wedding Day!

❏ Have a Good & Healthy Breakfast

❏ Have Hair & Makeup Done at Least Three Hours Ahead

❏ Allow Yourself & Bridesmaids Plenty of Time to Dress - Two Hours

❏ Make Sure Groom Has Given Rings & License to Best Man

❏ Transfer Your Engagement Ring to Your Right Hand Before Ceremony Begins

❏ Be Confident & Happy. Don’t Forget to Smile! This is Your Moment!

❏ Take a Deep Breath, Relax & Enjoy Your Big Day

After Your Honeymoon

❏ Have Wedding Gown and Flowers Preserved

❏ Send Thank You Notes to Your Guests & Vendors

❏ Report Name & Address Changes to Social Security and appropriate agencies & Companies (i.e.

driver’s license, utilities, credit cards, etc.)